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Your vision, our craftsmanship


Explore our unique process for crafting exceptional fine jewelry and discover what sets us apart from traditional retail jewelry stores.

Initial Consultation

Meet in-person or virtually with a GIA certified gemologist and refine your perfect piece by going through our design sketchbooks and discussing over a glass of champagne how we can make your bespoke jewelry piece come to life.

Crafted by an Artisan Bench Jeweler

Our expert craftsmen have been making jewelry for decades, and produce the most exquisite hand-made pieces. Allow our seasoned bench jeweler to make your jewelry dreams a reality!

Diamond & Gemstone Selection

Using a vast network of diamond and gemstone wholesalers across the world, we only choose the finest quality stones for the best value. Our customers get to see the loose stones first-hand before giving the approval to proceed with your custom piece.

Enjoy your Custom Fine Jewelry

Cherish your custom fine jewelry piece for a lifetime! In addition, we offer complimentary cleanings and prong tightening in perpetuity. 

Additional Services

Appraisal Services

We offer appraisal services for each piece of jewelry made. Get your custom piece valued by a certified jewelry appraiser so you can enjoy your jewelry with peace of mind.

Repair Services

If anything happens to your jewelry, no need to worry! Our expert jeweler will be happy to evaluate the specific piece and offer any repair services needed.

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